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Entrepreneurship is not a hobby,
it’s a lifestyle.



Adam Steele
CEO, entrepreneur, loves to build

I remember when I was growing up my buddy’s Dad ran this internet company. My family didn’t have much, so this guy was a real spectacle to me. I didn’t know what he did, but he travelled around the world, was a speaker, and appeared to be doing very well for himself. When I had the chance (around 22), naive as can be, I started my own internet hustle. I struggled, and ended up creating and selling email addresses. Really, lol! Things got better though. I learned a few tough lessons, and decided more income streams the better. Shelter myself you know? We’ve got a few businesses now doing well (couple mil a yr), and I just figured…why not share a bit? So I started The Steele Entrepreneur Show. Learn, help me learn. It’ll be fun : )

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