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This week,  Level Up Living founder Lucas Mattiello is here to teach us;

  • the REAL reason we hate public speaking
  • why we come up with bull ?  excuses
  • & what is stopping us from crushing our goals!

Bonus: He told me his crazy story about the time he went out for dinner in Thailand and ended up in a Muay Thai fight ??

“When you try to be someone you are not, you will fail miserably”

Lucas lived with Panic Disorder for 15 years. The stress, anxiety, and panic attacks stopped him from achieving his goals. After years of elevated stress levels and with work performance, health, and happiness rapidly declining, Lucas reached a point where he could no longer avoid addressing his stress and anxiety.

He spent over 2 years learning how to self-manage and conquer stress and anxiety and during the process, discovered the keys to regain control. He’s learned shortcuts to quickly reduce stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Today, Lucas uses those experiences combined with his training to empower business professionals with proven techniques to gain control over stress.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How Lucas helped me overcome my fear of the camera & made this show possible 3:32
  • The one question he asks every client 8:15
  • What is his Why? 20:25
  • His game-changing kick in the teeth 23:55
  • How he begins & ends his days 28:40
  • He’s addicted to yoga 31:15
  • The REAL reason we hate public speaking 35:39
  • How he stays motivated 38:23
  • What he would tell his 20-year-old self 50:49



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