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How Can I Support You?

It’s a really powerful question right? Suppose instead of exchanging business cards, or rambling about your business triumphs, the next time you find yourself speaking to another like-mind, you ask him or her this question. Ask each other.

I picked this up at a meet-up that I went to some weeks ago. As a way to get to know the people around us, we were asked to turn around and speak to someone we’d never spoken to, and ask them, “how can I support you?”

My ask was: “I’d like to learn about, and attend more events like this one.” She now fires me a message on Facebook every time she hears of one, which helps a great deal with my development. How much better is that than just bragging about ourselves!?! It has real utility and real impact. I love it!

Consider that if you might. Next time you are in a similar situation, surprise someone and ask how you might support them in whatever it is they are trying to overcome and/or accomplish. Worst case, you will make a real connection with someone.

So today I wanted to ask you all, How Can I Support You?

Some examples might be…

  • I’d like to run a business idea by you
  • I need an accountability partner
  • Answer a question
  • Produce more content around …

I see this email list as my core people. The people I stand the best chance of making a difference for. And so if I can be of any extra utility to you, please do not hesitate.

Good luck out there!


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