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I gather there must be a least a few of you that aren’t reading as much as you’d like to, or perhaps not at all. That’s alright, been there done that. For me, it changed when a) I looked at my goals for the year and realized there wasn’t a chance in hell I was going to get there, and b) my contemporaries we outpacing me. Bruuuuutal!

Reading wasn’t so hard because I suck at reading (which I do), but rather because I barely had time to do everything else that was on my plate. How could I prioritize reading over paying my people? Wrong question. How would I keep paying my people if I didn’t read?

Ask yourself this question: what are your personal, and professional goals this year?

Don’t have any? Look into SMART and Stretch goals, and make some – it isn’t too late! Now, the next time you find yourself doing something that seems potentially unimportant, ask yourself, “which is likely to get me closer to my goals? What I am doing OR higher learning?”  You’re going to start noticing a pattern, and you will slowly start developing your WHY.


Your reason for doing. The value proposition. The meaning behind that goal you’ve set for yourself. Let me give you a perfect example: My brother and I slept on bunk beds, in a den (no window), which had room for the bed, but that’s about it until we were about 15 and 13. My Mom was telling me the other week (in tears) how much that drove her to save what little she made at the time. Her struggle had meaning as long as it meant my brother and I got our own rooms.

It’s important to find that why.

Next step, envision yourself doing it. I know this sounds silly. But give it a try. Think about what that would look like, you reading. Quiet room, tea, something to munch on. That doesn’t sound so bad. Imagine what you might learn. Tips about being more productive. How to take back more of your time. Tactics for dealing with conflict. All things that will make your life easier. What does an easier life look like? And so on. I realize how this sounds, but you’ll be surprised how effective this can be when faced with a difficult or uncomfortable challenge.


And then start. Read one chapter. Stop. That’s good enough. Starting is the hardest part. You have literally put behind you the toughest work, and it only gets easier from here. Read once every couple of days. Put it in your calendar. Just like you would a work item. After all, it sort of is work right? It gets you closer to your goals. As it becomes easier, do a little bit more. Incremental gains.

Now eventually you are going to find yourself wanting to read more, and really struggling to make the time. I’ve talked a lot in the past, on episodes of  The Steele Entrepreneur Show, about auditing your time, eliminating the junk, etc. I do recommend you check this material out. Episodes 20-23 would be helpful. And I just did one which isn’t out yet, episode 27, that will prove very helpful too.

Reading more has been one of the most meaningful changes I’ve made in years. Since rediscovering it, I’ve made it my personal mission to get others doing the same. If you need any help taking the leap, let me know. I’ve got all kinds of things I can share that will help you.

Good luck out there!!

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