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Recently I read a post on FB where this fellow was sharing his favourite travel gear – things that make his life a little easier. I like reading posts like this. Shameless as it may be, the items that we keep and cherish often say a lot about us, and I aim to know the people I admire. What makes them tick, and brings them joy.

And so I thought, what a fun exercise, I will put together my own list:

  • Sheets and Pillows. Hotel Collection, from The Bay (Canadian, sorry) 800 thread count. I don’t get a lot of sleep (5 hours nightly), so when I finally indulge, I want those few hours to be glorious. I also have two thick comforters I pin together, inside a comforter cover thingy and it makes it like I have a heavy, warm cloud on me. Also, you know those big hotel pillows that you can put your arm behind when you cuddle someone and your arm doesn’t fall off? I picked 4 up, and it’s heaven. I got mine from the Fairmont Store, which is also Canadian I believe, but I was inspired by pillows just like it at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago. I am sure they are pretty standard in half-nice hotels.
  • Books. Honestly, I just collect them at this point. I can’t keep up anymore. I’ve got an Amazon problem. There are few better investments than books – ASSUMING you get around to reading them.
  • Plants. I’ve gone so far as to hire someone to help me pick the ones inside and outside my house. I work from home, and I don’t spend much time out. I can’t begin to explain the joy these plants bring me.
  • Tea. I grow mint, chocolate mint, and lemon balm tea, and pick it every night. I think the preparation calms me down a bit.
  • Quality towels. I am going to sound like a real turd, but few things frustrate me more than towels that don’t absorb. I picked up some towels at the Fairmont Store, and the water droplets practically gravitate away from me.
  • Cord ties and pinches. For whatever reason, I struggle to spend money on computers, so I own a PC, with a million cords. Cords all over the place drive me mad so I went on Amazon and bought these velcro ties, and these little stick-on cord pinches that you feed the cords through so they go and stay in the direction you want them to travel in.
  • Smells effect my mood. I picked up this cheap essential oil diffuser, and it makes the house smell like lavender. Helps me calm down a little and allows me to better focus.
  • A good pair of headphones. Audio-Technica makes a relatively inexpensive pair that I can have on my ears for 8+ hours and my ears don’t feel crushed (beats are the worst for this!) Music really helps me work, so these are great. I’ve been told sound quality is good too.
  • A good chair. For the first couple years, I insisted on sitting on a metal, folding chair. I believe it made me feel “hard” and kept me focused on the prize. Well, because my posture sucks, it also didn’t do favours for my back. Years later I finally decided to get something decent and found a used Herman Miller chair on Craigslist. It’s amazing. I love sitting in it, and I sit A LOT.

So there are a few, somewhat practical things that bring just a little extra joy into my life. If you’d like any more details or help finding any of these things, please let me know.

Is there any item like these that bring you joy? I’d love to hear about it.

Good luck out there!


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