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Have you ever thought about it that way? It’s really not something you say at all. It’s an action word. A verb. A thing you do. So what are you doing? What actions are you taking today, this afternoon, right now, to show the people in your life that you love and care about them?  Care is also a verb.

“Wait, wait, wait…I thought I signed up for a business newsletter?”

Well, what of your team? What of the people that are helping you build your dream? What was the last thing you did for them? And I don’t mean pay them…that shit doesn’t count.

Shay Carl got me thinking about this. He was recently on the Tim Ferriss Show and he said the best relationship advice he has ever been given (and now the best I think I’ve been given) is “Love is a verb.” Shay asks what did you do to get that person to have sex with you, or to marry you? He asks why do we not do those same things anymore? And suggests the best way to keep a relationship strong is not to stop. Flowers, dishes, whatever. Serve your spouse.

Similarly, though I don’t imagine you’ll be doing the dishes for your team, SERVE your team. Your team is already busing serving your dream. You need to be doing even more for them. What are you doing to further their dreams, goals and interests? Have you made an Alliance with them? BTW, this is a MUST read book!  As a rule, you always want to be doing a little bit more than they are doing for you. 51/49. You should be contributing 51.

IMO, that starts with figuring out what they want. Read The Alliance. Understand the framework. And sit your butts down and figure out what you can do for each other, and in what timeframe.

Be in service to your team. Be in service to the people you love.

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