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When I started Jiu Jitsu just over a year ago I was told something that has stuck me since. The major difference between a blue and a purple belt, or a purple and brown belt or even perhaps a brown and black belt is how many times you’ve done something. A blue belt will have performed 1,000 arm bars, and a purple belt 10,000.

Pretty simple right? The more reps, the better you are.

And yet, even though inherently deep down we know that, somehow it escapes us. How and why? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because we live in a society where instant gratification is so widely available. Need a car? Boom, loan. No need to save, and sometimes no value in scraping together your pennies, month after month, year after year like my Grandfather did. But as a result, I think somewhere along the lines we’ve become less patient. Less willing to wait. Less disciplined.
I don’t have any tips or tricks today other than to be self-aware. Take stock, audit yourself and make sure that you are giving things the time they need. Be it a business or sport, these things take whatever time they will take. The best thing you can do is continue showing up. Keep putting in the reps.

My Grandfather passed away a long time ago, sadly leaving my Grandmother and this world far too early. Fortunately, all his life he showed up. He sacrificed. He remained consistent. He worked as a cook in logging camps. Nothing glamorous. Nothing high paying. And yet, my Grandmother is financially set for life. For all his flaws, and he had many, he, my dear friends did the reps.

Good luck out there!


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