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Simple Lifehacks That Will Change Your Life

We’ve all run across blogs offering Lifehacks and other fluffy tips. Unfortunately, most of them sound good on the surface, but just don’t seem to hold up when you test them. Some work, some not so much. I am sure it depends on the person.

I can’t tell you what will work for you because I really don’t know. Life is an endless journey of finding out what makes you tick, and not everything will work for everyone. That said, this is the collection of the hacks and tricks that actually helped me go the distance and why. They’re the little strategies that, for whatever reason, turned out to be helpful to me when I was building a better life. I hope they’ll be useful to you.


Lists, Lists, Lists


Lists are some of the most powerful things in the universe in terms of connecting goals to human psychology. I use lists to prioritize what I want to do, to help me decide the priority of the things I want to achieve and to measure whether I’m moving the direction I’d like to. I suggest anyone use lists, for even the simplest things you want to record. Just daily, I like to list things that I’m grateful for. A lot of my goals are also expressed as lists.

Two books you need to check out: Checklist Manifesto and Eat That Frog.
Tool you need to check out: Trello.


Schedule the Short Term, Plan the Long-Term


This is another one of those lifehacks that I truly believe can work for anyone. Starting to live aggressively on a schedule is not natural or pleasant at first, but once you learn to do it, you suddenly have more time to finish the things you need to than you’ve ever found before. Using your time this way is just more efficient, and you need to adopt it if you want to take an entrepreneur’s life seriously.


“Discipline equals freedom” – Jocko Willink


Know Yourself, and Use It


Don’t try to force yourself to work the way everyone else does. Everyone is different, and there is a different combination of work habits for everyone. In order to master yours, aggressively test when, where and how you work best.

Maybe you’re a morning person, or maybe you’re an evening person. Maybe you work best in silent rooms or surrounded by the commotion of people. There’s a “best” way for you to work, but it will take a whole lot of testing to figure out what it is. The worst thing you can do is not listen to your body. The difference in how you feel could be the key to turning failure at something you detest into success at something you love.


Optimize Your Environment


One of the most powerful things you can do for your workflow is to take complete control of your working environment. This doesn’t mean just changing a few things; it means fine tuning your workspace until every part helps you work harder.

For me, that means things like multiple monitors to cover everything I want on the screen at a time, noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate sound from the outside and just the right music coming through them to put me in a working mood. A spotless desk. Cords tucked away, no extra cups.

I’ve got too many habits to name here, but all of them are about optimizing the way that I work best.


Embrace Accountability


Accountability is one of the most powerful motivators in the world, but it’s something you can lose when you’re the owner and don’t really answer to anyone in the direct sense. Perhaps because I’m a pretty competitive person, I’ve found it super motivating to share my goals and progress with someone else.

I have a friend that gets to know all of my goals, which means he also knows when I fail. I don’t like that, so I try to fail as little as possible. Just a little more pressure can make the difference when you need that last bit of motivation.

Find someone you highly respect that has achieved a level of success that you aspire to.


Keep Up with Organization Apps


If you want to keep learning new ways to test and improve yourself, make sure you’re keeping up with the latest apps. Further optimizing my day with apps has been more important than I knew it would be when I first started trying out new ones on a weekly basis.

There are a tonne of great apps out there that I only know about because I try to test all the best workaholic ones. I love apps that help you stay busy like the well-named “Go Fucking Work”, that helpfully buzzes at you every time you try to navigate to time wasters.


A few other favs include an apple timer to chunk up my time, Penzu to record ideas so they don’t get forgotten and Trello to organize tasks.


Now, Go Hack Yourself


I hope these tips I’ve shared can do some good for you. If you want to know what works for you, you’ll have to get out there and test it for yourself. To get started, pick of some of the material and apps I’ve mentioned, and most importantly, give them a fair try.

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