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Imagine for a second, losing years of data, 1000s of hours of work, and an ungodly amount of money.

Maybe not on such a large scale, but we’ve all been there right? Human or mechanical error and poof, it’s gone. With mixed feelings, I report that this JUST happened to my organization.

Saturday night I got the call, and since then we’ve been racing to rebuild the means for Loganix, a $100k+/mo company, to take orders again. I recall laughing when Josh reported the bad news. What else can you do right? I laughed because I knew in that very moment that this wasn’t on Josh. This wasn’t on our equally capable CTO, Sergio. The finger was pointing right at me.

I had just cost our company more money than I’ve ever taken home in a single month, in a blink of an eye.

Why is it my fault? It’s very simple

  • My CTO’s job description does not include doing the majority of the design and dev work for our shop. I’ve failed to hire in that department. He’s spending 98% of his time building websites when he could have spent a small % of that time thinking about redundancies if I had done my job.
  • My focus is divided. One day I am building a new piece of SaaS (which we lost too, haha!), and the next I am putting together a business plan for a push into the health and supplement space. I have zero doubts, if my attention was more focused I would have caught the problems that led to this, and addressed them.
  • ….well, I could go on and on. This is a big chin-check for me. Ultimately, I only have myself to blame for every failure in my company. Jocko Willink has coined it as extreme ownership, I call it owning every mistake. Everything is under my purvue ultimately, which is why this is my fault.

While I choose to look at this debacle as a blessing in disguise, a positive outlook is not the purpose of this post. What I am trying to say here (and I know you already know because you are all smart), the finger must always point back. Not because that is the right thing to do, but because that is the example you need to set. If you start pointing the finger at others, they will do the same. No one will be responsible or accountable in your organization, and that would be a fucking mess. The fish rots from the head. Top down.

Ya dig?

So the next time shit hits the fan, please remember this post!

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