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It’s quite clear or should be, there is never a shortage of opportunities. If you feel differently you are either looking in the wrong place or not looking at all. The challenge is rarely finding new opportunities, but rather picking and choosing the ones best suited to you, and most likely to result favourably.

I am coming close to the limit of what this human being can do at one time

I’ve long said, say YES to every opportunity – within reason. You have to apply just a little reason. That’s been my motto because you just never know what’s on the other side of that rock when you turn it over. The more rocks you turn over, the more likely you are to find more than sand, dirt and the occasional baby crab. And heck, even then you might be surprised what might be buried under that dirt with a little digging. I think I’ve worn that metaphor right into the ground.

So what’s wrong with that?

Well, I am coming close to the limit of what this human being can do at one time. At least what my current self can take on. I hope in time to be more capable, disciplined and able to take on many, many, many more projects. However, right now, I am pretty close to capacity. SO, I have to start saying no. As I am trying to wrap my head around this new, two letter word, I am reflecting on rocks I turned over that maybe were best left un-turned.

There is a saying that I am prepared to totally butcher, so as to further my point. It isn’t really a saying I guess, more of a quote/thought/whatever. It goes a little something like…

More important are the paths you choose NOT to follow, than the ones you do.– Unofficial Queen of Louis XIV, Francois D’Aubigne

Do not get any illusions that I am reading tales of French of British Kings and Queens. I like history as much as the next guy, but… This was shared with me by a friend whom I was explaining that I’d like to get into the diamond business next year. This is after I’ve told her that I will be entering the health and supplement business in 2017 too. Oh, and starting a law firm. I’ve been talking about that last one for a while, haha.

This Queen (though never officially so) was a peasant who very quickly and uncommonly rose to royalty. At one point she was a prostitute for the wealthy, and powerful. She was offered a similar appointment at the time, to be a mistress to the Prince/King of Portugal. She said no.

Shortly thereafter, she was offered a gig as a nanny for one of the wives (he had many) of the King of France. Well, the King took a fancy to her, and all of a sudden she was his favourite mistress. When the existing Queen died, guess who replaced her?

The moral of the story, AT BEST she might have risen to be the Queen of Portugal. That might not sound too bad, but Portugal wasn’t exactly the place it is today. By being sparing with her Yeses, she rose to be Queen of France, and as I understand it, was no slouch either! A capable leader indeed.

A little something to noodle on as you wade through the endless opportunities before you.

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