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Do We Have Grit Anymore?

Grit is having the conviction, the courage and the endurance to reach your end game regardless of what obstacles lie in your way. It means getting to that end game too. Though I suppose it might be even more grit-y if you never did, but never stopped either.

I was putting together a piece for my blog earlier this week, and I was reminded of all the times my Mom showed real grit as I was growing up. Being a single Mom, raising two energetic boys takes grit! However, life served her a lot of bad cards, over and over again. Relative of course, but bad cards all the same.

Here Are a Few Real-Life Examples of Grittiness:

  • In order to make our $150 strata payments, she grabbed our vacuum and cleaned the halls, washed the elevator, mopped the garbaged area, etc for the condo building we lived in, whilst neighbours and friends walked by. Simple enough, but how many of you could see yourself doing the same? We are prideful beasts, and I have no problem admitting this would be a tough one for me.
  • To prioritize putting food on the table, her, my brother and I walked everywhere. Nowhere was too far. I recall there were days where she’d regularly walk 20km+, or about 13 miles.
  • Even at our poorest (relative of course), she was planning to buy a home. Even if it was just $5 she tucked away, she did it every month. It may have taken her 7 or 8 years, but she bought a beautiful home just as I was finishing high school.

Stories such as these rarely leave dry eyes when my mother and I chat about some of the hard times we went through. To her credit, my brother and I barely noticed. We always came before her. Even when it meant eating dinner. We ate, and she wouldn’t ever let us know she was going with little or without.

This, my friends, is grit. And while I may not have appreciated all her gifts when I was younger, I can see the things she did manifest in the decisions I make each day, who I am becoming, and who I hope to become. Mom’s are pretty great!

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